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I cant help but share this super sneak peak!

I met Felicia and Seth a few years ago as they were planning for their wedding; now they have asked me to document their pregnancy and birth of their baby girl. I am truly honored when I get to experience and capture a growing family!  


See more of this wedding HERE

See more of this wedding HERE

See more of this wedding HERE.

Random Fact: I was banned from reading on the bus in grade school. Due to the fact I would frequently miss my stop, having been so consumed by my Goosebumps book. 

About Me. 

Jessica Jackson’s disclaimer: I do not claim to be a tactful, verbose, or talented writer. My artistic talents lie in the visual, and do not venture gracefully into the literary. So please bear with me through this section and we can get to the images soon!

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I am an Artist. My work is ultimately fueled by my unquenchable desire to create, imagine, and explore. My style and techniques are constantly growing and changing as I mature as an artist. This ensures that my images of you will be unique, fresh, and beautiful.

I make certain that my clients get that outstanding service experience by really getting to know them and involving them in the process. I love to hear what my clients want from their photos! While we are on a shoot, I show my clients the images and we bounce ideas back and forth until we create the feel that they want. Through this process, my clients become comfortable with me so that they can relax and be themselves in the short time we have together.

I am a professional; however I am always a person. I bring that person to my business, and it helps me understand relationship dynamics. By keeping myself sensitive and real, I am responsive to the people I am photographing.

I am a Woman. I am a Mother. I am a Daughter. I am a Sister. I am a friend.  I am an Dreamer. I am an Artist. I am a first generation American. I am an entrepreneur. I am a music lover. I am a runner, and a lifter. I am a movie buff. I am a computer nerd. I am philosophical. I am an outdoors-wo-man. I am many things,

Photographs shown here by Brenda Phillips. 

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